According to Jain philosophy time cycle is always moving. This cycle is divided in six periods. The pace from first to sixth period is called Utsarpini whereas from sixth to first period is called Avasarpini. In Indian region, 24 pious soul born in each Utsarpini and Avasarpini who revive or reestablish Dharma Teerth, we call them Teerthankar. Teerthankar are ordinary person like us who attains Kaivlyagyan by reducing four Ghatiya action by special Tap. And then by establishing Chaturvidh Sangh, providing a salvation path to all human being, by giving up rest Aghatiya action becomes Siddha. In Choubis Teerthankar gallery, statue of 24 Teerthankar of current Avasarpini are stored. There is no difference between Teerthankar’s message and the path suggested by them because truth never changes with quality and time. That’s why Teerthankar statues are usually similar, their identitification is made by only the basis of their ensign symbol. These independent soul are Veetrag. There is no sign of any attachment-jealousy and expectation & adherences. After all they are worshiped because message and stated principles of these Great Soul paves the way to become Antaratma from Bahiratma and Parmatma from Antaratma to human being.